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More on Spellbound DC.

I had a great time at Spellbound in Washington, DC last night with my New Orleans pal Sam Nelson .  Have a good trip back to Cali!  Washington is a quick road trip up the road from Richmond, VA.

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More on the Membership, Goth club membership done.

Funny Facebook Moment of the Week:

Moving to new town achievement unlocked: get local Goth club membership. Done!

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Andrea Menzies The clubs in Austin do not have a “membership” to get in. It was sort of a scary issue giving people so much of my ID information to join. Yet they have gay nights at the Goth dance clubs here. I understand they need to keep the anti-gay people out.

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Richard Lee Baker so you have join a goth club with a membership is it like paper work how does it work there

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Heart Ache Not just the anti-gay, but the judgmental and not open-minded. We also had some people come in there and treat the “regulars” like they were some sort of exotic zoo animals that they could just look at, laugh at, and grope.

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Andrea Menzies Yea, there are a lot of military bases nearby, and schools with Frat sports jock houses in Richmond. Not every guy thinks girls “owe” them dates for serving in the military or making good grades, and “have” to love a man in uniform. Yet there are some men around that are “that guy” unfortunately. In New Orleans they had plenty of out-of-towners but did NOT need a membership for clubs, sad that crime is WORSE here compared to a town as wild as New Orleans.

More on the Tropical Storms.

As a former University student of New Orleans, I have to have a moment of silence for the anniversary of Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina was the eleventh named storm and fifth hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the…

Chance of Doom Review 7-21-2015.

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Chance of Doom Review

It turns out the artist of Writhe and Shine and Chance of Doom is going doing updates to his latest online book “Chance of Doom Collected 1”.  He is posting about it in high traffic social media ways, so I figure it is a good juncture to put in my two cents about it a bit.  I like the books and have followed their Livejournal feed for years at :    We are arguably some of the last few people who post monthly to Livejournal.  I have gotten negative comments off a couple of my blogs that I used to do more art reviews of local and national artists.  I will return to the high review format, and bump my review posts up to 3 or more per month.  It is my hope that this will give me more material to publish.  My first online book was highly focused on older web-comic reviews, and this was due to my high consumption of this type of publishing.  Yet as a creative person I do not ONLY read comics to quench my creative thirst.  I am now branching out to music shows, DJ nights, other new online web-comics, and other brands of art to chronicle in review the high-highs and dizzying lows of the current state of Internet art.  Years from now these “common” things will seem more iconic with the passage of time.

New Book Out and store

Artist: Robert Tritthardt or DJ Sprockets


Personal story of how I know him:  He used to live on the same block as me when I lived in New Orleans, LA back in the 1990s.  We also frequented music nights at a few of the same clubs.  His first stories in the comic Writhe and Shine were highly based on places in New Orleans we both went out to often on the weekends.

Style of Art: Comic/Cartoon

Artist Input on Plot:  Chance of Doom “This 52 page book collects all 158 comic strips of your favorite haunted house IN FULL COLOR!

Read about Doomie’s new life with roommates Fluora, Maxine, Synth3a, and… um… what’s-her-name… and their weird experiences in their haunted house.

Features 8 pages of fan art by Aaron Alexovich, Jordan Kotzebue, Karl Christian Krumpholz, Michael Yakutis, Tedd Walley, Bill Holbrook, Abigail Larson, and cd poe.”

What I did not like it:  At first I resisted the change from the New Orleans format.  Yet the change is saved by the better quality.  A Baron Samedi plot does seem a bit Disney Frog Princess.  Yet New Orleans is New Orleans, so many stories will have to have overlap at some point.

What I liked:  The latest art he is working on is the Chance of Doom series.  His first books of Writhe and Shine were highly New Orleans based.  However, he does not live in the area any longer and now lives in Seattle, WA.  In addition his fan base has grown far beyond local groups of people in New Orleans.  A storyline with more diverse reader appeal way needed.  I can see how the story evolved, and I do like that the story grew to a larger cast of characters.  The story line of the Loa possession of a man by Baron Samedi got me back into the plot lately in the comic  “Chance of DOOM! #175 – It’s How You Wear It” from May 6, 2015.  It is pretty good, and I like the William Gibson connect in the story.  Why he managed to suck the south back into the other storyline when he managed so long to keep them apart I don’t know.  Yet I am now back into reading them, and I say it is great so check it out.

More on I made it to Richmond, VA okay.

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From Facebook:  Andrea Menzies

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I made it to Richmond, VA okay.

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More on three days of travel.

Doing my last packing before I hit The Road. I am looking forward to three days of travel. Hotels and eating dinner out are always good things… Let’s face it they are fun.  However, I am also looking forward to the fresh-start of a new town when I get to Virginia. In a new town you are a new person. When you stay in an old town too long, the people there start to think of you as a weak little cartoon character who never changes.  Garfeild HAS to have too much food, Charlie Brown will never be able to kick the football, and Hagar HAS to be horrible.  What if you are MORE than the cartoon they have made of you?  In a new town your lines are still un-drawn.

From Facebook:

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My visit to New Orleans at the end of May.

New Orleans Pic 2015

I am going to be eating lunch in New Orleans as we drive to Virginia in May. It will be good to see the old town.

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Road trips to New Orleans always make me re-play Moon Over Bourbon St. on Youtube.

Sometimes it seems like a million years since I lived four years in New Orleans, and sometimes it seems like just a day.  When I left Austin to live in New Orleans in 1996 and 1997, and stayed until year 2000, my life became wrath of GOD better in just a few months.  It went from boring to a wonderland with that simple move to a new town.   I am hoping Virginia will be the NEW – New Orleans in my life.

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