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Name Hack on Espeon.


Funny Facebook Moment of the Week.

If you name your Eevee Sakura or Tamao they turn to Espeon and Umbreon now.

Andrea E. MenziesNaming my Eevee Sakura just got me my first Espeon! They are new with the last update. Also, you can buy top hats for your character! Pokemon Go is now a fashion show. They need some shoe updates super bad before it will really look like a me character.


Lift up your hearts.


Funny Facebook Moment of the Week.

The love you like an animal joke never gets old on Valentines.

Andrea E. Menzies But the KMFDM loving you again part is pretty funny too.


Chris Dreher
Chris Dreher Ministry FTW


Big Ice Storm.

A big ice storm shuts down schools for days in Richmond, VA
Funny Facebook Post of the Week.
Andrea E. Menzies at Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Three foot long ice by my door.

Jessica Rabbet
Jessica Rabbet All the nopes…

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies So NOT the Austin, TX weather I am used to seeing!

The Christmas Hat.


Funny Facebook moment of the week.

The latest Pokemon update has Pikachu and Raichu wear a Christmas hat if you catch them in December.

Andrea E. Menzies in Mayfair Estates, Virginia.
Yesterday at 8:43pm · Instagram

At long last Santa Pokemon is my Pokemon to use! Happy dance!

Andrea E. Menzies At long last I got the much sought after Raichu of Christmas 2016. It feels like you have to walk a million miles with Pikachu as a buddy to make him Raichu! I know I said I was not going to play anymore, and I deleted it off my phone for a long while. Yet the Christmas hats on Raichu made me want to play again for a time.

Gifts stacked high.


Funny Facebook Post of the Week

Seeing Rogue One this week has me thinking of other Star Wars jokes. P.S. RIP Carrie Fisher

Seen by 92
4 You, E Anne Brockett, Devin E Mardvich and Chris Dreher

Andrea E. Menzies Yea I would be sick of it too.



Gifts stacked high by our tree. with E Anne Brockett and Alexandria Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies Gifts for the year stacked high.
Like · Reply · December 24 at 11:05pm

Andrea E. Menzies Annnnnd, they are open now!
Like · Reply · December 25 at 2:58pm

Holidays good luck.



My makeup sales are going far better this month than last month! The holidays have brought a good luck turn. If you want in on this month’s discounts let me know. The holidays are a great time for personal hygiene vendors, and the bargains are great.  The gift baskets of lotions that normally cost 50 dollars are on sale for $9 per pack! Check out the Skin so Soft Wintersoft Collection and the Foot Works Toasted Macadamia Nut Collection exfoliating cream of 4 items for 9 dollars. Black Friday deals of 20% off AND free shipping for orders of over $45. You should order from my vendor website so that I can get sale credit!  The products will go right from the company to your door in time for family holiday gift giving.

Started the Alli diet plan.

I started the Alli diet plan this week.  I bought both the pills and the fitness book before I started. It does cause some stomach cramping, and so I was hesitant to start using the product.  Yet so far it has been giving me the empty stomach feeling of fewer calories, and yet I don’t have to feel fully hungry.  I can see why they keep this diet aide under an anti-theft case at Walmart, and they do this with no other diet product.  All the online reviews say it is the one strong and fully working product out there.  The hard back book has hundreds of recipes like low calorie pumpkin bread, diet eggplant parmesan, and diet clam sauce linguine. It also has a workout plan with walking fitness using step counting.  I plan on using the entire plan, and learning to cook the diet foods. We shall see if this works.  So far I am impressed with the results and noticed improvement.




Someday Someday


Funny Facebook moment of the week. 
Andrea E. Menzies

Re-downloaded Sisters of Mercy songs on Amazon Music to play on my phone today. Dominion!

Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies Having a phone with a good MP3 player rules.

Matt Daniel

Matt Daniel I need to own that bag.

Rob Lloyd

Rob Lloyd I’m now imagining the minions singing that. The minions in my head have eliminated the dark serious tones. Oh, sure, they’re being serious, I just can’t take this version of the song as seriously.

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Yea I like this joke, but it makes me think of minions in the This Corrosion videos, and that is just all wrong.

More on the Eve.

Talking Joke 1


One thing that sucked about New Years, I did NOT have a date helping me meet any people at all. I LIKE new friends!  I am trying to meet all new people, in an all new town, in an all new state of the USA.  I am trying to do this on short notice, with a bad budget.  No one seems to want to introduce me to new people, and guys all just want to drink a beer glued to the TV.  I am very ticked off at this part of the year.

Everyone is addicted to video games for the Holidays.

Funny Facebook moment of the week, everyone is addicted to video games at Christmas time.  You don’t have to deal with freezing ice rain on roads when you are glued to a screen.
Andrea E. Menzies

I have been playing WAY too many video games for the Christmas break. It is too cold outside for outdoor hobbies.

Andrea E. Menzies's photo.
Christopher Colton Ingersoll
Christopher Colton Ingersoll I have to admit — I spent $30 on the Steamsummer sale and to be truthful I haven’t finished all the games I bought two years ago…

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Yea, I think the cat in this photo cares more about the heat of the lamp, and not quests. But this holiday has had WAY too much weird weather to deal with the outdoors, and video games can be done inside.

Rob Lloyd
Rob Lloyd Albert: “‘Scuse me. I ever so sowwy to bother, but could you help me? I’ve lost my little dog and I can’t find him. He’s probably ever so scared wight now.”


Albert and His Dog is the side quest to find and return dear little Rufie to his master. Albert has lost his dog; he gives…
Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies That… is a really strange side quest.

Rob Lloyd
Rob Lloyd As a side note…

My wife told me this story of how a woman motivated her man to do chores by re-phrasing them as quests that offered a bonus to Charisma as a reward.See More

Mike Walke
Mike Walke Cold? It’s been in the 70s…. But, I must confess I’ve been playing too many myself over my time off too.

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