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Holidays good luck.



My makeup sales are going far better this month than last month! The holidays have brought a good luck turn. If you want in on this month’s discounts let me know. The holidays are a great time for personal hygiene vendors, and the bargains are great.  The gift baskets of lotions that normally cost 50 dollars are on sale for $9 per pack! Check out the Skin so Soft Wintersoft Collection and the Foot Works Toasted Macadamia Nut Collection exfoliating cream of 4 items for 9 dollars. Black Friday deals of 20% off AND free shipping for orders of over $45. You should order from my vendor website so that I can get sale credit!  The products will go right from the company to your door in time for family holiday gift giving.

No Order Payments



No Order Payments

I was trying to sell make-up and no one payed me the money!  Many people pay lip service to trying to help you get a weekend home based business off the ground selling crafts, freelance work, or make-up.  They say they will order half of your full catalog, and hand you a page covered in orders.  Then after you order it all with out of pocket cash very few or none will pay!  I am having one of THOSE months at this point.  It can be a money pit some days to try and make MORE money.  Next time I will get the cash up front.

Big orders big discounts.


Big orders big discounts.

Friends who order make-up with me:  I am about to make my big order for September.  With big orders come big discounts.  Get your make-up updates just in time for the Halloween eve by calling me, or on my Avon Representative page here: anything bought with the “You are shopping with Andrea” logo in the upper left corner will credit my account, and will ship right from the warehouse to your house.  I recommend the Mega Mascara (see photo) I just bought it works great with cat eye liquid liner.  Also, they have PLENTY of black nail polish.

More on the late order.

People who order Avon from me, order #6 will be a few days late.  Some of my credit cards got deactivated, so the order is a bit late. Also, please update your addresses so that I can mail you a brochure faster.  Thanks!

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