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No pay.

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Facebook Post of the Week:

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, the job you work 24-7, all your life, for no money pay at all. Love is the better pay.

4 You, Christopher Colton Ingersoll, Chris Rosenbaum and Jane Perez

In a culture that puts a dollar value on everything, it is important to remember some of the best jobs don’t pay at all. And happy mother’s day to all you Mr. Moms too, I respect your work as well. As a single mom I have had to be both mom and dad to my daughter. Which is extra hard because my mother’s father died in WWII when she was a kid, and my father was killed in the Army due to war too, so I have had very few examples to go on for parents. It is that much more amazing that my daughter is in honors classes, and made all A and B grades this year in school.
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Long list.


My local Facebook feed in the Virginia and DC area is a long list of people who got taken to jail in the DC protests. I’m sort of shocked at how much the main stream media is not reporting the fires, mace in the face of women, small children, and mass arrests of people.  People marching are not “a little angry at Trump” they are in full anger mode. The police are not “simply watching” the protest in an objective way.  Workers for Trump are doing a mass shut down of programs to help stop violence against women.


Well Behaved Women

Watching on Netflix the Frida Kahlo movie with Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas this week. The cover talks about her controversial political and sexual reputation in that she was a communist and openly bisexual.  Yet museums don’t avoid her artwork at all, and Netflix has about 12 full PBS specials on her.  Laurel Thatcher Ulrich once said the popular phrase “Well behaved women seldom make history.” Kahlo was high on the list of examples to that rule.

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Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies From a time when art was given REAL value.

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Back to school.

A funny Facebook post of the week.

I love my new Monday-Wednesday Tyler college night school classes, but getting the books will be hard to do this week.  In state residency for college in Virginia was not easy to get this year.  Now I have it and am at long last able to go to more classes.  In theory school is about a smart brain, hard work, and focus. Sadly in the USA it is often about having money for fees, books, and gas back and fourth from campus.


Seen by 90


Andrea E. Menzies Luck the ice melted enough to get to class today.
Christopher Colton Ingersoll
Christopher Colton Ingersoll Ever since the textbook people sued Kinko’s for making ‘course packets’ it’s been amazing how much money they rake in. The new digital textbooks are even worse; same price but they give you a password that expires after a year so you can’t even keep it
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson This is part of why I quit requiring textbooks in my classes ^_^

What is at risk now?


     It is pretty hard not to notice that massive expense in healthcare and education in America is crippling normal people’s lives.  If the United States had even a tiny amount more sympathy for a socialized view of politics quality of life could improve .  I myself in the last ten years of my life have been tortured due to lack of healthcare and education funding, and I don’t come from one of the least educated families in the nation. In the United States the words “Communism” “Socialism” have gained dirty word status.  Saying them sometimes holds a feel in it’s social norm like shouting the “F” word in a library. However, this has been a recent invention of very wealthy corporate advertising agencies. As college students are feeling the burn of very expensive college classes this week the fight has become more real to my life.  The shadow of the Lavender Scare and the legacy of McCarthy Era trials has caused the United States to allow itself to become brain washed against understanding even modest communist or socialist views.

     Once Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment benefits, female voting, 40 hour weeks, union employment, and Social Security were all considered forms of “radical communism” by the government.  Now they are part of politics as usual.  The benefits are under attack by right wing advocates more than ever before this year. What is at risk now? This is from Webster dictionary online definition of Socialism: extensive state regulation, with limited state ownership, has been employed by democratically elected governments (as in Sweden and Denmark) in the belief that it produces a fair distribution of income without impairing “economic growth.”

     The United States would have free healthcare and higher education if it allowed for limited state ownership seen in elected governments like Sweden and Denmark.  A percent of people with top income in the United States would have a few less dollars if taxed, people without healthcare suffer death. Arguments that long waits accompany healthcare under socialism do not stand, but are shot down with the reality that without a list to be on death is the only other alternative. Many other countries with a far lower income in comparison to the United States already have socialized medicine and education.  “The fact that the US isn’t among the countries with universal healthcare and free college has been a topic of many heated political debates and complaints, especially among the Millennials faced with the prospect of repaying their student loans well into their adulthood. If they have a misfortune of getting hit with a major hospital bill as well, declaring a bankruptcy is often the only solution.” states in it’s blog entry “11 countries with universal healthcare and free college” listing the countries as Sri Lanka, Brazil, Argentina, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway declaring much of Europe a bastion of Universal Healthcare.  I have visited France, Spain, and Germany in my youth.  I have noticed people are not starving to death and miserable in the regions.  Yet the United States has the widespread public opinion that communist or socialist thought regarding healthcare or education must cause pain and sorrow.  When did this start?  

     On February 9, 1950 the US Senator Joseph McCarthy asserted that he had a list of over 50 communist party spy ring members who had infiltrated the State Department. Wealthy elite corporations gave massive advertising funding to foster mass media obsession with communist witch hunts.  Heavy coverage in Television and the newspapers followed this act. The phrase “fag” “fairy” and many other homosexual derogatory terms were heavily recorded in audio of his cross examination of suspected communists. In the groundbreaking novel The Lavender Scare: The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004. By David K. Johnson the depth of the anti-heterosexual oppression clearly represented in the McCarthy hearings is fully explored.  McCarthy asserts that gays and bisexuals, fearing exposure for their personal preferences could be blackmailed into revealing national secrets.  Therefore everyone even suspected of communism or homosexuality should be purged from all government jobs and blacklisted from most normal work. All people not living a heterosexual love life exclusively for breeding purposes were considered criminal. The corporate funded mass media supported him and this theory. After this point the suicide of Wyoming Senator Lester C. Hunt made the McCarthy’s support and popularity fade. On December 2, 1954, the Senate voted to censure Senator McCarthy by a vote of 67–22, making him one of the few senators ever to be disciplined by censure. Unfortunately the damage was done, and his media frenzied with countless corporate sponsored movies demonizing cartoonish communist supervillians, ironed a negative view of communist and socialist thought into public opinion.

We have The Lavender Scare and McCarthy era to thank for social injustice. Blind prejudice has convinced people to leave their views analyzed. Much like 80 hour work weeks, and lack of Social Security, unfunded healthcare and education allows wealthy corporations to profit.  The victimization should not continue.   

Pizza did not win.


Anne and I worked a great deal going door to door for the Hillary vote in Richmond, VA. Sad day.

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies And pizza did NOT win.


Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. MenziesI plan on buying a lot of paper for my journal that I will be forced to write in an attic.


As a sexual assault survivor from when I was stationed at Fort Lee in 2005, a person ignoring Trump’s rapes really ticks me off.  People keep saying the vote had nothing to do with sexism, but let’s face it the vote had to do with sexism.



Adventures in Waist Training and Tight Lacing.

Black Corset Dress 1905 Vintage Pic 1


Adventures in waist training and tight lacing, this is where my story starts with my latest corset kick.  I am reading books & blogs on tight-lacing, and how to get small using corsets. It really works!

It turns out steel boned tight-lacing corsets and waist training can make you go down many dress sizes. They do not JUST shrink the mid-drift.  They cinch down the top of the stomach causing you to crave less food.  You have to wear them an inch tighter than your normal waist, and you have to wear them to sleep every night.  A good personal report on a lady who did this task is the book “Victorian Secrets, What a Corset Taught Me about the Past, Present, and Myself.”  by Sarah Chrisman ($13 Amazon)  Her hints and tips on steel boned corsets did in fact make me drop pounds, and dress sizes in the last month.  I started last October 2015 when I wanted to fit into a small Halloween costume.  I could not get into it at the time, but NOW I can!  Amazon has steel boned tight-lacing corsets for as low as $25.  This does NOT mean I have stopped working out.  I have just added new things to the daily activity menu.  After seeing this really work, I am sort of angry that they do NOT have public service announcements telling people how well this works on both the TV and Radio.


“My stomach got full faster with the pressure of the corset on it, and it would not let my stomach grow beyond its boundaries” page 121 Sarah Chrisman “Victorian Secrets”


“You’ve gone from 32 inches to 24 inches in three months!  And it’s just the corset that has done that? Again I nodded.”  page 62 Sarah Chrisman “Victorian Secrets”

Gender Verification and the Olympics

Gender Verification and the Olympics



Here is a re-post of my July 3, 2014 online journal about gender in sports.  I am taking a Sociology class, and we are at Chapter 12 of our book Introduction to Sociology called Gender, Sex, and Sexuality.  The text deals with gender around the world.  One of the threshold markers of the changing role of women in society is their role in the Olympics. I had written about Caster Semenya who is mentioned in our book on page 258, who had no internal organs of a female, XY chromosomes, and yet was allowed to compete as a female.  Gender verification in sports is a hot issue. Males and females are not allowed to compete against each other in almost all events involving upper body strength and running. Male hormones universally in every nation and culture change an athlete’s upper body strength and running ability. Many men are faking being women, and women are doping to become men in order to change their athletic abilities to compete in international sports.

“Expert: Gender testing ‘imperfect’ for female athletes” By Ann J. Curley, CNN (Wed August 8, 2012 ) The article mentions the fact that women universally unable compete against male running standards in the following quote. “While both men and women produce testosterone in their bodies, in men it produces more muscle, adding to athletic prowess.” Middle-distance runner Caster Semenya was allowed to compete as a female runner. However, he/she had none of the internal organs of a female, no womb, and no ovaries, and was a male hermaphrodite. She got a second place in the 800-meter heats.

There is a greater issue at stake, however. Why are women driven to compete in male dominated activities like running for fame and fortune? Even with allowanced they will never do it constantly with equality to men. The United States military tests women and their running ability when they join the armed forces, this is called a PT test where push-ups, sit-ups, and a two mile run are central to testing.  I was a Corporal in the Army, and saw this PT tests first-hand.  One of the ways archeologists are able to determine if skeletons are male or female is their arm bones, their pelvic bones, and their running ability in legs. These are the precise areas males deviate from females in body structure.  The PT standards of the military are the dictionary definition of sexism,   They don’t just give women a light punishment if they are unable meet male running standards.  They fully dismiss women when they are unable to run like men, and this destroys a means of making a living wage.  Men outnumber women 9 to 1 in the military. Women are often forced to declare disability when dismissed from the military, which pays $500 per month as military men make $5000 per month with deployment pay, and the men have superior health insurance.  Women are fully a minority group singled out from the others for differential and unequal treatment for what is defined on page 249 of our text as Institutional Racism and Sexism which is racism and sexism embedded in social institutions.   Many women have been caught doping themselves into dangerous male hormone ridden states crushing their organs to gain unfair advantage in running. Many countries have been caught forcing women into male hormone doping in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to win the Olympics, and the U.S. used to stop them on the grounds that it was immoral What are the motivations which are driving this trend? Is it simply the age old adage that “The grass is always greener on the other side?” Or is society so completely destroying all dignity of old world women’s gender roles that the only way they can feel successful is to be miniature men?  It is a huge contrast in what the government publicly says its actions are, and what it does in actual public policy.

More on media bingo.

Sexist Hillary Bingo, because it is strange that people care that a leader is a woman.  Mass media in society says women are the same as men in rights. Yet the Clinton campaign online jokes show the interesting facts on how a woman getting more education, power, and an active social life compared to a national female average gets her gender insulted, more insults compared to male counterparts, and physical abuse and rape jokes become normal.

Sexist Hillary Bingo 2015 and 2016 Pic 1

More on the Big Deal.

Trying not to get ranty, but THIS is why Hillary is a big deal.

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