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Still a stop on tour.

Killed Bella joke 1


Funny Facebook Post of the Week

The show was good, but almost no one showed up…Architect / Worms of the Earth.

3 You, Jane Perez and Rivers Ashton Frost

Andrea E. Menzies If Daniel Myer were playing in downtown LA, New York, or Austin, TX I would be worried it would be a sold out show. But not here in Richmond land. It was like 30 people tops. In Texas when Assemblage 23 played the fire marshal had to kick people out because they overbooked the show so badly people could not breath.
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Andrea E. Menzies Oh well at least we were still a stop on the tour, and the tickets were cheap.
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Special Promo Note to Texas Travel Fans, From the Assemblage 23 webpage: “Assemblage 23 Added to Convergence Line-up
I am happy to announce that Assemblage 23 has been added as a headliner to the 23rd edition of Convergence, the longest running gothic convention in the US. The con will be held in Dallas, TX this year on May 19-22. We are still working on securing the venue, so we’ll announce that when all is finalized. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.”

The New Pokemon Go Update.


The new Pokemon Go Update.

It is official, I love Pokemon Go again, and my review is now positive for the game. Now that you can play Pokemon Go offline with BlueStacks it is a far more fun game.  Yes, it is always fun to use it on your phone if you are bored waiting in line somewhere.  Yet videogames are largely a good way to relax when you are sleepy at home.  When I am going somewhere downtown or to the gym I am BUSY, and rarely have time to log into a complicated app. All of the stops in the game are largely history markers, and so playing it at home becomes an educational game for the history of your area if you press the black arrow next to the stop name. You have more time to read these history texts if you are at home.  Another advantage of home play is people are not falling off the road as they look at their screen, and not wrecking cars to play, or wasting gas zig zagging around town to hit stops.  Which I think is the nature of the beast in turning it into an offline game; Pokemon opened a Pandora’s box of way too many lawsuits and robberies.  Kids are skipping summer school to play Pokemon Go, and school is starting up again.  Also, Pokemon Go tempts people to go outside at peak mosquito times as Zika becomes a hassle.  Thank you for applauding movement. However, there are many REASONS people play video games inside in modern day.

Funny Facebook Moment of the Week

Andrea E. Menzies shared ArcadeCrusher’s post.

August 30 at 4:54am ·

Pokemon Go+ Released Today for PC!

Niantic made a huge announcement this morning. Today they officially launched the desktop version of Pokemon Go. Be the first to use all new special features such as Trading, Teleporting and more.


It turns out this is NOT a joke, and is a real thing. I guess this is how they get the Trading they have been talking about working.

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Andrea E. Menzies Dear BlueStacks, I SOOOOO love your app. It is fun to walk to get Pokemon if I am on a walk anyway, but it is far more fun to relax when doing it too.

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Plus now I know why some people are like level 35 when I am level 15, they had the beta test for this before other people!

Show Review Aesthetic Perfection tour.

Asthetic Show Stubb pic 1

Concert Review for Fallout Club:

The Aesthetic Perfection band tour is the best show I have seen in years! It had great energy.  If you are anywhere near the bands Aesthetic Perfection, Venal Flesh, or Little Black Rain Clouds check out their shows.  It is worth the wait in line.

Matt Herb, Tucker Graham and 4 others

I ran into many great friends, and I have not danced so much in years at the concert. Right when I don’t like going out in Richmond, they change things up and get great acts in town. Then going out is great again.  Richmond is a far smaller town than when I lived in New Orleans, Austin, Portland, or Seattle.  So I have been going into a bit of culture shock dealing with the smaller music scene.  No long line for the bathroom, how dare a concert venue have no long lines? Yet the smaller towns can often have a closer knit and friendly social world, and so it can be a good trade off.

Venal Flesh did covers from the Imperative Reaction show I saw in Seattle at El Corazon in 2006.  I had just been checking out their out Imperative Reaction’s newest stuff on music downloads, and so the coincidence was a happy one. The new stuff by both Aesthetic Perfection and Venal Flesh is now high on my download list.

The Super Gamer fans.

Funny Facebook Moment of the Week:

A thing I hate about games, is the “Super Gamer” fans who try to make other players feel bad. It’s a KIDS game guys!

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. MenziesIf you love flickers on a game screen and high scores too much, it shows you will never get action on a date from a real girl EVER. In 5 years another game will be popular, and no one will know or care about your high scores. True story.
Video games, I am taking a break from you this week due to jerk gamers. They made every sexist comment in the book as soon as they noticed I was female.

Pokemon Bike Fix.

Pokemon Bike pic 1


Funny Facebook Moment of the Week:

Pokemon made me fix my bike this week. Some stops are too big for a walk, too small for a drive in the game. Bikes have always been a big part of the game. It has the Team Rocket song stuck in my head.  In addition, it has persuaded me to play Ingress, due to the high game cross over factor.  Heck, I even downloaded Field Trip, the app that was the grandfather to both the Ingress and Pokemon Go games. Summer is a time when new hobbies are needed to keep people busy, and this is a very busy hobby indeed.  I can’t figure out how some people have level 17 Pokemon already.  Do these people never sleep?  Do they live with a Pokemon gym IN their apartment building? Do they work on top of a Pokemon portal?  Some people have all three on their side, and so the game is rather unequal in power potential.

Pokemon 2 B A Master – Team Rocket (Double Trouble)

Oh Team Rocket X3 Lyrics: (This is the boss – and I’m sick of waiting. I want Pikachu! And this time, don’t screw it up!) Prepare for trouble! Make it double…


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Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies If you are looking for all the Pokémon portals, join Ingress and log in here to see the portal map of all the portals. if you scroll your mouse over the corners of the triangles on the map a photo of local landmarks are all Pokémon game sites.


Ingress – Game Reality

The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in…


Ever notice that the Ingress game logo looks a lot like the Invader Zim logo below? The real source of XM energy may in fact be the Irken armada.

Andrea E. Menzies’s photo.

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5Brandon Powell, Robert Rouhier and 3 others

Andrea E. Menzies And Zim was popular BEFORE the Ingress game, and has much of the same fan base. I see Irken Elite triangle faces in all the link logos.

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Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies Plus one of the Ingress teams is the resistance, and Zim had the Resisty episode.


Invader Zim’s The Resisty

Choosing a name……

Review of July 4th Fireworks in DC

Flag Cake at Smithsonian pic 1


Here is my review of the fireworks in DC for the 4th of July.  The fireworks were beautiful and long lasting. The area is filled with special food, 1776 actors dressed in costume, and free music events.  Yet be careful to expect a crazed police state in DC if you go.  I went to Washington DC to see the fireworks this year with Anne and Alexandria.  However the blisters on my feet have their own baby blisters at this point. Plus I put on SPF 100 sunscreen, and STILL got purple sunburn. Pale Freckled Goth Girl problems with going out on July 4th.

It is a big deal in the United States to see fireworks on the 4th in DC because the 4th of July 1776 is when the Declaration of Independence was signed in DC, and the Declaration of Independence is stored at the National Archives in DC. So it is the focus of the source of the holiday.  At the Smithsonian National Museum of American History Washington DC we ate Flag Cakes with USA flags for the holiday. My most loved part was the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space had real space capsules to climb on.  Also they had an authentic model of the real Startrek Enterprise used in the original Startrek TV show.  It had newly been renovated and put on display which I was very happy about seeing it.  At one point many of the science objects we love today were all once science fiction in the imagination of a dreaming inventor.

My most hated part was when they had airport style security gates surrounding every 50 feet of downtown DC due to terrorist threats.  I understand sometimes we need extra security, but it was by FAR overkill on the need for security with what they had going on.  They not only checked people, but re-checked them in nightmarish ways.  For every person who was checking bags, eight were sitting around watching them with nothing to do.  Military men in full cold weather uniform dress were loaded with guns watching every person.  As there was 90 degree heat occurring that day soldiers were very irritable as they screened the public.  By the 19th security station I had to go to on the way to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History a stoner guy with dreadlocks who was an African American who was clearly stoned was put in charge by the soldiers to check bags.  He randomly took expensive camera supplies out of my bag, and put them in his personal pockets.  Then he took a bottle opener keychain out of my bag and said “You are not allowed to have sharped objects” and pocketed that into his personal pockets as well.  I was so angry that if I had possessed a gun I would have shot his very stoned face.  Every purse or wallet contains keys which are shiny and sharp, and so it is now illegal to have keys?

When they create busywork to employ people with searches, pretty soon very bored workers are going to MAKE problems to say people have.  Shortly afterward tiny shampoo items and nail clippers are called deadly weapons by bored security workers.   It was nightmarish and horrible.  This celebration of American “freedom” was sadly demonstrating that our freedoms are being destroyed by a police state mentality.  If you try to go to the events, be warned that Big Brother will be watching you.

Jean Brehm-stern, Brandon Powell and Chris Rosenbaum

Andrea E. Menzies We ate July 4th flag cakes at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History when waiting for the Fourth of July Fireworks in DC. Andrea E. Menzies in Washington, District of Columbia.

Saw the Fireworks for July 4th at the Jefferson Monument, even if it almost killed us with nightmare crowds, heat, and rain.  But yes, it was amazing and super pretty.

Then we went to Don Pablo’s for tacos goodness.

Paul Bileci, Austin Moore and 6 others

Andrea E. Menzies Yummy food for Anne, Alexandria, and me on the way home from D.C.

Gwarbar Review and the Facebook Moment.

Facebook Moment
Andrea E. Menzies
11 hrs ·

Gwarbar, where life really is as fun as people say it is on Facebook.

Andrea E. Menzies's photo.
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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Gwarbar is more of vegan lunch restaurant, and not just a “bar” per sey. There is very little parking, and it is in the heart of downtown. Yet fans for vintage moshpit shows will always remember Gwar’s laugh a second comedy music well. The great sound system, and Gwar costume museum make visits worthwhile.

I had a great night at the Gwarbar DJ night. Always a fun place to go, and meet people. smile emoticon

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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies It is a LOT like Casino El Camino in Austin, TX. Lunch food by day, music after dark for people downtown.

Shows in the new town.

Music feelings Image 1

Funny Facebook Moment

The Leather Strip show last night was sooooo great in Richmond! If you are on the tour, see the show!

Andrea E. Menzies All of Austin is showing SXSW photos on my feed, it is nice that Richmond has SOME fun stuff to do. It makes my home sickness for Austin a little bit less harsh when I see a big crowd and live music in Richmond.  Even if the event was only half the size of the Austin show.

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David Jeffrey Marrs

David Jeffrey Marrs Really wish I could’ve made it. There’s lots of burlesque shows around here too.

Like · Reply · March 17 at 6:56pm

Brian S Parris

Brian S Parris What?! How did I miss that this happened? Where was the show?

Like · Reply · March 17 at 9:26pm

Jazzie Wonder

Jazzie Wonder My band is opening for Leather Strip in NOLA in a month.

Like · Reply · March 17 at 9:32pm

Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies Wish I could visit New Orleans in a month, ha ha.

Like · Reply · 1 · March 18 at 3:15pm

Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies The show was at Fallout, they had it on the webpage all month. I am amazed more people from the Richmond Nancy Raygun goth nights from 2005 did not show at all. They used to play Leather Strip all the time.

New Year’s Resolution Setbacks.

Fitness Black Wear joke 2


Planet Fitness Richmond, VA has now charged me 2 unauthorized deductions of $50 and $74, and triple once a month fees.  I am giving the least stars on Yelp for them that I can.  I could not buy my family many gifts for Christmas due to their use of my bank account as their own personal ATM.  I complained to the manager.  They could give me NO explanation of the unauthorized deductions.  When I used the personal trainer before they went deduction crazy the trainer was HORRIBLE, and miss-spelled every workout machine on the trainer form.  The Planet Fitness in Austin was wonderful, and the people were great.  This branch is run by jerk bags, and I hope to put enough negative reviews on the Internet to help warn others of their customer abuse.  I am putting stop payments on the bank account now. I see many other negative auto deduct related posts on yelp, and I wish I had checked Yelp before I used this location.   It is lucky I have a bike, running shoes, a home fitness bike, and a home elliptical as back up for use as I do my New Year’s Resolutions.

Video Game Review: Lake Kindred in Gaia Online MMO.

Garlic-Plushie-Wallpaper-gaia-online-Pic 1

Video game review: Lake Kindred in Gaia Online MMO

I love the new Lake Kindred game on free to play Gaia Online. It is a very fast paced game with fun loot drops, evolving characters, fun graphics, and the great character graphics of Gaia Online. It seems to take forever to get to level 4 when real things start going on with your Kindred beast. After that the game moves better.

However, I do wish they would give you daily potions for counting your steps like the Pokewalker used to do.

If you would like to count your steps daily with the Lake Kindred game, join my free to play club.

I hope they will add a Fitbit step counter on Gaia as a feature to Lake Kindred.

Funny Facebook moment of the week: I change my Facebook profile to a Halloween themed Gaia Online character.

Scott Keyes, Lanny White, E Anne Brockett and 8 others like this.

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies When it is Halloween, I have to be the Pumpkin Queen. The Gaia online MMO does make some fun Halloween art.
September 19 at 3:09pm · Like · 1

Kelly-Rose Kleinman Yes it does.

Kelly-Rose Kleinman’s Gaia photo.
September 19 at 3:52pm · Unlike · 2

Kelly-Rose Kleinman
Kelly-Rose Kleinman Feel free to friend me on there, my username is Okami Rose.
September 19 at 4:15pm · Like · 1

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies Ahh, good I WILL friend you.
September 21 at 3:15am · Like

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies I used to like Gaia Online when they had a ZOMG game, but did not like it when they ended it. Oh crap, they started a free to play pokemon near-clone game. Guess I am going to have to show THAT to my sister’s kids who LOVE Pokemon online.
September 21 at 3:49am · Like

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies And I like Pokemon as well, so I am likely going to rack up gold this week on the game. grin emoticon
September 21 at 3:53am · Like

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies I am Poedaughter7 on there as well, add me to friends on Gaia if you have me on Facebook.
September 21 at 3:56am · Like

Kelly-Rose Kleinman
Kelly-Rose Kleinman I was one of the closed beta game testers for zOMG! Before it was released. It was a great game.
They took it down for some regularly scheduled maintenance last year and discovered a major security flaw.
This security flaw would have allowed a hacker to access the entire Gaia online database with access to the millions of the accounts as well.
They hired on David Georgeson (as a consult, he was the main developer for the game before release) to try re-evaluate the code. After which
David said because of the fact it is a Flash based game, it itself has security vulnerablities. He said to be able to release the game again, they have to find another platform and rewrite the entire game.
Gaia was already taking a loss from running the game, and decided instead of investing all of the time and money needed to rewrite the entire game, they would stick it in the archives, unsoulbind our rings and say goodbye.

September 21 at 12:40pm · Like
Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies Awwww, so THAT was what was up. Thanks for the info. I like the new games too.

I like the new game SO much I have racked up MANY online points this week. It is a free to play flash game, so there are limits do just how much you can do on the thing. Yet the NPCs are very fun, and have great graphics. Also, you can take your Kindred beasts into the chat forums,
and the road race flash games. Many are REALLY scary for Halloween fun.

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