New York city paid $167,731 to maintain each prisoner every year, stated one New York Times study in 2013. ( )  Yet it only costs a few thousand dollars per year to send a student to college.  Which expense does society want to spend the most money on to create a “normal” state of the common man and common woman?  Crime rates are overwhelmingly lower in countries with free public education for advanced degrees.  In a country where all the tax money is spent on prisons, police must work to fill the prisons to maintain all the prison workers’ constant employment.  Not so in a country with well funded schools.  I would rather live in a country filled with over educated doctors and nurses, and not one where people had to join gangs to survive life-on-the-inside. I think most other people would agree that a population fresh from college would make better neighbors compared to the other types of neighbors.

Yet still school remains the more difficult task to pursue.  No fleats of colorful cars have teams of workers handcuff people, and give them books and a bookbag.  No one is shoved by teams of government workers into a room filled with notes on a blackboard.

“Hey you! That Pythagorean theorem isn’t going to solve itself! Get to factoring!” Is something no one in government uniforms yells.  The vote of tax dollars is that college is not the easier task to gain information to pursue.  It says something about our society that it is not what massive tax dollars have been dumped into making a state of “normal” for people.