Poems from the Crimson Darkside Book Chapter 1 Section 1

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Poems from the Crimson Darkside Book Chapter 1 Section 1

I have been doing too many social blogs.  It is time to really write a work for publishing. I performed poetry readings at the coffee shops of my first colleges.  I have fully explored many coffee shop poetry groups.  I have taken and passed college and University level poetry courses.  I know how to dissect the assonance, alliteration, rhythm, and meter of both English and Italian sonnets.  I drew from Norton and many other books format for my most recent batch of poems.

My favorite source for great poems is “The Norton Anthology of English Literature Eight Edition Volume D – The Romantic Period” (Stillinger/Lynch et al. copyright 2011).  This is a book containing history, samples, and analysis of many great authors including Mary Wollstonecraft, George Gordon (Lord Byron), and Percy Bysshe Shelley.

People forget the word “Gothic” is not just a term made up by fashion designers in the 90s to sell clothes.  Victorian Romantic Gothic Poetry and its title variants are real course titles offered at Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and every other accredited Western European tradition based college and University programs.  It is used to describe an era of poetry just previous to the year 1900.

What is so special about the time around the year 1900?  This is an age where people began to know the emotional freedom of modern liberated life containing factory goods, paved roads, electricity, motor boats, and trains.  Unfortunately they were still trapped medieval morality in social attitudes.  For example being homosexual publicly could earn you a prison sentence of many years hard labor in death trap prisons.  Only the very wealthy could buy secret time in their private lives.  It was an age where colonization brought countries together, in a culture clash of many customs.  Fear and social mistrust ripped them apart, even as new ways of living and loving were united together in sharp contrast.

Young aristocrats destined for wealth inherited huge sums of money from “Immortal Benefactors” who had earned so much money it was hoped the inheritance would live on forever.  As children they were told that these patriarchs had earned the money by teaching literacy overseas as missionaries to uncivilized and unchristian heathens.

Their servants told them the forefathers had “found” gold and diamonds laying around the streets because they were loved by God.  After these children inherited huge sums of money from the missionary forefathers at the age of maturity they found to their horror journals left in vaults documenting that injustice and pain often lead to the amassing of great wealth.  No literacy training and Christian teaching was done in eternal night-dark underground mines.  Cruel mines where workers were beaten and worse were the real places gold was found. Their “Immortal Benefactors” were often in fact blood thirsty monsters.

They needed the money too badly to give it up, and yet the angry awareness of a dark history ate at their subconscious minds.  A new level of enjoyment of power was mixed with a new level of horror toward social empowerment haunted an era.

This duality created an urge towards legendary fiction and poetry.   Books like Frankenstein by Shelley in 1818,  Dracula by Stoker 1897, and The Vampyre by Polidori 1819 were once not famous they had to earn their fame in the era of Romantic Poetry.

With this archetype in place many people feeling frustration and angst are drawn to the imagery of the Gothic and Romantic poets.  The dark aristocrats with hunger being the creatures that can give amazing empowerment and destruction with wild abandon is an archetype that has gained a life of its own.   It is something that lives on to modern day as a point of fear.   It is the secret heart of a great deal of traditional literature.

With this series of poems I am using a mixture of the Romantic era styles like Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty Like the Night” (1815), and the more modern style of T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” (1925) in syllable structure.  The title line “She Walks in Beauty Like the Night” (8 syllables) and most of T.S. Eliot’s “The Hollow Men” (1925) stick to a 7/8 syllable structure.  “The Hollow Men” line “Eyes I dare not meet in dreams (7) In death’s dream kingdom” and “Not with a bang but a whimper” (8 syllables) and his common AA BB rhyme scheme tend to form a strong impact with imagery.   In a few I try for the more immortal sonnet form of the 10 syllable structure with double alliteration seen in  Shelley’s poem Ozymandias “The lone and level sands stretch far away.” (Quoted heavily by the band Sisters of Mercy.) However, let’s face it, this is a hard technique to master.  I am trying to put aspects of this in my writing format.

I don’t claim to have written perfect poems.  I at least wrote poems and dared to express myself.  “Common Sense” is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine containing a few inspired words, and it changed history.  A bit of self expression can be a powerful thing in the right context.  A poem can make you see things with your heart.  Here are the latest drafts of the journey that my heart saw.


*This is the free preview for the first set of Poems from the New Book “Poems From The Crimson Darkside”

Chapter 1  Poems Set 1



Pumpkin Darkened Night


Pumpkin darkened in the night,

Take a candle give it light.

Crisp air of a new fall day,

It is Halloween I say.


Spirits break into the night

With the living they don’t fight.

Grand pumpkin is now a friend,

With his candle darkness end.


Love the feeling bounce with glee.

October frost is set now free.

Autumn people wicked you see,

In the bark of old oak tree.


Pumpkin darkened in the night*

Take a candle give it light.



Author’s note: This simple poem captures a more direct happy emotion.  This is about how great it feels when autumn and Halloween becomes the new part of the year.


Rich Man Walks




Rich man in day sun walks

With the Strut of the American Dream

Silk of the rich suit gleams

In the searing bright day sun.


Homeless man wrapped in band-aides

And bloodied gauze for hands.

At the foot of rich man’s stride

He crosses lowly at the path.


Rich man tosses money to the cup

Gives him just a shiny dime.

And a few wisps of pocket lint*


A good deed for the day…

Trickle down little coin…

Trickle down little coin…

Trickle down little coin…

Such a shiny little coin.


*Authors Note: This is an obvious protest of trickle down economics. In direct response to the lack of healthcare normal in the “American Capitalist system.” This poem captures the direct emotional response to inadequate urges for charity as they are mistakenly deemed adequate.



Faun in the Maze




The Faun man sits on stone squares

In a vast Labrinth Maze.

Hoofs are his feet

He is three foot tall.


You pass him on your journey

And he fixes you with a gaze.

On a stack of thirty stones

Covered with moon moss so long.


He begins to speak pointing to the dark

“The darkness you now see has always

Been waiting for you

You thought it was an acting game


To play in the darkness wild

Covering up for the real pain

Since you were a child.”

No, no, no you hate his words!

Then away you run.

I can not leave the games!*

I must walk the game maze forever.



Author’s Note: This more surreal and dark free verse poem is a dream image. It is about the games we play, and how they are more real then they seem.


*This will be the first of three blog entries containing the latest poems.  These poems and more are aviable in the new book “Poems from the Crimson Darkside” by author Andrea Menzies


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