Video Game Review in online games.

Video Game Review in online games.

The latest land of video games I have delved into is the Pandaria real of World of Warcraft.  I am not supposed to mention that I used to do temp work as a GM at World of Warcraft. It was only for a few weeks, and I was really young and needed the money.  However, I don’t work there anymore, because my manager was an ultra-jerk about quotas and the turnover rate there is super bad.  So I can mention whatever the crap I want to, what are they going to do dock my pay?  I don’t work there.  However, the testing was very extensive to even get into the GM section.  The side effect is that in order to help me get temp work at Blizzard right when I needed to get a bit of extra typing temp work cash friends had to coach me a great deal on how to play the game.  When I am board, yep sometimes I still play.

WoW the game does make time fly when you are super board.  Also, it is far cheaper to chat with people online about quests compared to driving to bars and concerts all the time when you want to be social.  It is a very immersive gameplay.  There are sometimes when it really feels like you are shooting ice from your hands, and traveling a magic world.   Yet the game has changed a great deal since I first started.  You don’t have to go to trainers to learn spells, and the levels rise up extra fast.  It used to be really hard to get a mount, now you get one at barely level 20.  There used to only be a few mounts, and now there are as many mounts as a rainbow.  The game used to only last until level  40 and you really had to slave away to get that 40.  Now you can buy a level 90 character from the Blizzard store.  We used to play until our fingers bled and we liked it!  There was not of this namby pamy getting pets at the online pet store!  Grrrrr.  In short old time players are not amused with some of the new changes.  However, the new Drani quest line did tempt me back, and so I started a Pandarian character.  It is a very beautiful start land, but hard to play.  It is a bit full of glitches.    Yet the entire thing is played on the back of a turtle, and if you jump off the waterfalls you can see the flipper.  That part was great, and I am glad they remembered that touch.

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