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Order of the Stick comic for Webcomics Wednesday, Super-comic Saturday, and Mega-comic Monday Reviews

Welcome to Web-Comic Wednesday, Super-Comic Saturday, and Mega-comic Monday Reviews!  Review blogs are incredibly popular, and comics are a near infinite source free illustrated fiction books to review.  My Technorati rating this week is 16823 at Frozen History Seven Publishing out of about 2 million entertainment review blogs. It is listed here: http://technorati.com/blogs/directory/entertainment/comics/page-12/  I am rated Authority: 107 in Entertainment Reviews up one popularity rank from last week.  It is getting to be a big deal in book promotional blogs. These reviews are then published under the title FH7 Quarterly Fiction Reviews at fh7publishing.com the next one will be out in two more weeks.

Name of Comic: Order of the Stick

Grade: So far so good **** four out of five stars.

Location of Comic: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0913.html

Username of Creator: Rich Burlew

How I Found It:  Google

Major Themes:  Fantasy, magic, humor based on magic.

Days of Update: Weekly

Will it Continue:  Outlook Very Good

Reviews:  More stick figure art in the art as anti-art theory of web-comics.  I am not yet bored with the less is more theory of art.  When you look up web-comics on the net including sticks, one of the top ranked ones is for sure Order of the Stick by  Rich Burlew.  I first became aware of this comic when I looked up stick comics on Google.  Apparently, they had a great record setting year with Kickstarter.  This fantasy driven web-comic uses stick-like art to tell fantasy tales. What kind of art they do is best described in their latest Kickstarter here:   “I’ve been self-publishing my comedy-fantasy-adventure web-comic The Order of the Stick in paper format since 2005, but one of the hardest parts about doing it all on my own is keeping the older books available… If the drive is successful, everyone who pledges $10 or more will get a special never-before-seen The Order of the Stick story in PDF format. Titled “How the Paladin Got His Scar,” this tale tells the story of how Azurite soldier O-Chul first joined the Sapphire Guard and includes appearances by many of the other Azurite characters from the online comic.”  A D&D and Lord of the Rings based universe is balanced with a simplistic art style.  It contains epic dialogue and cutie stick figure characters.  Plus it contains many great game moments, like the female character saying “…So the Boots of Speed were totally powerful, but they were, like, lime green.” – http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0003.html  That has happened to me when online gaming.  I loot a great item, but alas!  What the heck were the creators thinking when they animated something THAT ugly?  Do I really want to stare at a cartoon wearing THAT all day long?  I had a great amount of empathy with the artist’s depiction of that moment.  The one complaint I had was that the later comics were so wordy they were intimidating to read.  They were so dialogue heavy I had trouble all the words.  I more greatly enjoyed the simplified version of the first comics.  Still, their fan base loves them, the humor and the art style are solid.  Then they use stick figures, and that somehow makes all art everywhere a bit better.  I give it a good review.

I say it is great, check it out!


More information at http://www.fh7publishing.com and http://www.fhseven.com/



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