Society is trying to kill its artists.

Society is trying to kill its artists.

Society is trying to kill its artists.

Society in America is trying to kill its artists.  People recoil in shock when I say this. “No!” They say. “Society pays some artists great money to do art!  People want the best art near to themselves at all times!  Parents pay for their kids to take art classes.  Museums are considered a zenith of cultural achievement.  Schools analyze great works of art and literature in English and History class as a method of granting high grades!”  There is a tiny amount of very corporate art allowed to flourish and thrive as the exception that proves the rule.  Yet as a reality art is starting to be very rare beyond corporate control.

It has long been an established fact that there are more left handed people in prison in comparison to the average on the outside world.  Left handed tendencies often mean a person is right brained or more advanced in artistic perception.  The word “Sinister” meaning “Evil” has its origin in the word for “left handed” often meaning right brained and creative.  Right brained as a standard of creativity is called brain lateralization.  People in accidents where the right side of their brain is destroyed can often no longer see art.  Prisons regularly take statistics on this for tools used in work release programs.  The results are highly skewed.

I was left handed as a kid.  I also rated extremely high on art intelligence testing.  Extremely high at every age.  I was great at having college level understanding of complex art at an extremely young age in childhood.  It stayed high as I grew older.  Is this a blessing or a CURSE?

As a child when you produce a sketch in art class that looks beautiful and stunning you are given praise.   You sketched it, but it looks like a photograph! If you dance around beautifully, it is sweet and pretty.  Art is great, and talent is rewarded.  Teachers tell you this will always be the rule.  They parade your art around to other classrooms as a gimmick.  Parents send you to every art class as encouragement.

Now fast forward a few years.

Then you turn into an adult, and the dream ends with a scream.  Some art is — gasp — political and controversial!  In fact small venue artists find it hard to compete with well funded corporate artists so they often place shock value and controversial topics into their art on purpose to attract attention for their art.  As a young artist you may tire of the ten songs top 40 Radio is allowed to consider popular at any given time.  You may listen to controversial underground music.  The artists may say shocking or rude things.  You will want diverse styles as art examples.  You will wear the merchandise.  You will copy the styles.  You will like that there is more effort, energy, passion, zest, and art put into this controversial art.

Suddenly is a curse to be an artist.  Your art is not cutie stuff grown ups plaster on the fridge.  It is not a fun gimmick teachers wave around.  It can offend main stream political views when plastered on walls or T shirts.  Older people complain and ask you to stop doing any art.  The art they trained you to do every second of your childhood is now meant to be shut off like a light switch.  No one realizes why you find this depressing.  It has power and the power is feared not loved.

Most dangerous of all is the art promotion locations.  Art as music, music album art, spoken word poetry, or music fashion often happens at concert venues.  Another word for “night club” or “concert venue” is “bar”.  Bands and art merchandise booths don’t set up inside banks and dry cleaners as normality.  So as a young adult with a brain starved for art you are going to be magnetically drawn to sneak into bars filled with booze, drugs, and wild behavior.  All the stereotypes of crack-heads who go to bars are projected upon you.  Even if you are a super vegetarian who as a teenager never drinks, rumors that concert venue stamps all over your hand must mean you are a party freak abound.  Soon gossip becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  Supervisor managers wont give jobs to people who show up dressed artsy or melodramatic.  You tone it down for the interview, but your version of “tone it down” still has traces of wild in it.  And here is where the killing artists part comes in to play.  Good luck getting food, clothing, transportation, and healthcare that can keep you alive when you are at the BOTTOM of the job world list.  Praise for looking like an artist all childhood is fine, but will be hated at every job interview when you are grown up.  They are sure that dressing wild must to mean you are high.  They are sure no matter how many drug tests you pass that you must be blitzed and great at faking the tests.  No matter how high your school GPA, they are sure you are high all day.  You go to bars a few times per month.  It must mean drunk by breakfast daily no matter what your clean tests say!

The dance, painting, and acting classes your parents got you every second of your childhood praising art were lies.  Landmines set up for society to crush you down.  Half hearted corporate drivel is all that can live, and you were silly to even try to have creativity and individuality.  Now the real trial by fire, you have a bad break up.  You are angry, with way too much free time, and you are in bars being social.  Single, attractive, and still trying to find the world’s secrets to art you are now in a metaphorical pit of landmines at nightclubs.  A young adult with every supply for bad decision making surrounding every aspect of your life as you went out to prove yourself in creative life.  Dating can be a new deadly trap to avoid.  People will run to shame and blame you for every moment of your wild youth.  For men it is bad, but for women it is worse.  You were herded into strange situations with head game cattle-prods, and yet you will be the one to get the blame if things get super strange. If you survive being a creative youth it will not be because corporate America helped the process be easy.  They were aiming at that game to kill off independent artists as competition all along.

Consider a little girl great at art as dance.  Dance teachers will tell her to wear sparkles and spandex then dance in the spotlight.  Look, it is a cutie tap dancer!  Praise her!  Give her trophies!  Now puberty hits.  Cleavage mixed with sparkles and spandex dancing in the light means go-go dancer.   People will think means stripper  which people with then think means porn and drug use.  It does not matter that you are not doing any of this, and the bag packed with glitter and sweat soaked dancing gear as you get out of cabs will be seen by neighbors and interpreted as they want.  No jobs for you.

Then you try to join the military.  After budget cuts, there is ONLY money there, and none in any other form of government grants for the arts.  There is no money left in teaching to feed the military. After they beat the crap out of you and torture you, that too will be an unholy nightmare.  They will injure your back and leave you to die.  I am sickened by the color Army green whenever I see it.  I have nightmares daily, no help getting art done there.  If I needed negative affirmations to get work done, I would not have graduated University with so many good grades.

The kids of ultra rich can just have their parents buy a corporate art production company.  Also, they can have parents buy millions of dollars of supplies and make a corporate art company.  They can pretend they were poor and mysteriously “discovered” due to talent, and still have an art career.  This perpetuates the myth and propaganda that people are “discovered” all the time.  Their rich mommies and daddies “discovered” they were sick of them sitting around the house is what got “discovered” very likely.  Most all people with average incomes will NOT get this reality.  If you work a day job to fund your art, it will not be enough cash to really buy pro level supplies.  Then you will be so tired at the end of your busy day you will have barely any time for art on the weekend.  Bitter at a world that promised them fame and fortune their ENTIRE childhood they get kicked to the curb.  With only intoxication to soften the blows of the violent destruction cycle, death is often the result.  This is not something that occasionally happens; it is something that ALWAYS happens!  I was just looking at my email list and how many dead people my own age I had to take off of it this year.  Not a pretty picture, not a pretty picture at all.  Society IS trying to kill its artists.


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