The Blue Moon Night.

Friday will be a blue moon! Time to dust off the camera.  It will not “really” be blue, but it will be full.

Blue Moon 2015 Pic 1

And Tyler too, as a school.


The payment melodrama begins.  I’m taking a few college classes this Fall, and they make it harder every year to have a love of lifelong learning.  The local college is called Tyler, after President Tyler of the Tippecanoe and Tyler too slogan.  One of the streets near the school is even named Tippecanoe.  I had to do a report on Tippecanoe and Tyler too as a kid.  It brings back memories of kids singing in class.

I get a new Erascism T-Shirt.


I get a new Eracism T-Shirt.

One of the T-Shirts I lost in the Richmond move that I must replace on the 1st is my Eracism T-Shirt.


ERACISM: The removal from existence of the belief that one race is superior to another.


Andrea Menzies Odd, because the “Coexist” one is only six. I guess people are scared of freedom of religion less on some level. I will end up getting them both.

Coexist | 6DollarShirts

Understanding, love and peace among all religions. – Professionally printed silkscreen. – 100% cotton tee…


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Kelly-Rose Kleinman If I happen to come across your shirt I’ll put it to the side in a box for you.

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Andrea Menzies Oh wow, thanks. The Texas move was wild.

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Andrea Menzies My friend Noble Brown bought me my first Eracism shirt a while back. It has sentimental value.

Friend Pic Noble Brown Pic 1

Never-ending bad movies.

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Funny Facebook moment of the week:

Is the Little Mermaid 2 a more-bad movie compared to The Neverending Story II? If you don’t know you are lucky. tongue emoticon

Directed by George Miller. With Jonathan Brandis, Kenny Morrison, Clarissa Burt, John Wesley Shipp. A young boy with a distant father enters a world of make-believe and magic through a portal within an…

Enrollment Melodrama of the Week.

Lot to Learn Joke 1

Lots of college enrollment melodrama for me this week.  If you have taken many programs in the past you CAN get transfer credit.  Your student loans are on deferment while you go back to school.  You may improve your resume, and job search.  However, getting transfer credit is now harder compared to the process of the past.  They not only need sealed transcripts, but open transcripts, and transcript copies before they will see if I have transfer credit.  Also, credits over 8 years old no longer “count” in many programs.  Yet they have some good programs, so I begin to map the labyrinth of enrollment.

Art Review of DJ Edminister’s playlist from 4-9-2015

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Art Review of DJ Edminister’s playlist from 4-9-2015

Edminister is on another of his tears this week.  On social media he has been saying things like the following:. “I’m going to quit DJ work.” “I hate DJ work.” “I’m going to sell all my DJ equipment, please buy it.” “I am going to sell arrow points on the Internet, working music sucks.”  He says this pretty often, and then the next week tells everyone he can’t wait until he DJs his next set.  Yet sadly I moved away, and I will not get to see the “comeback” triumph DJ set.  This is going to be one of my last shots at reviewing his work while the songs are still fresh in my head.  So I’m going to make my comments while the memories are whip-crack-fresh.

His self-description is as follows: “I am primarily a goth/industrial Dj but have been known to spin for events ranging from weddings and 80s nights to aerobics classes and art galleries.” –

Artist: Edward P., Edminister Engler, DJ Edminiser


Personal story of how I know them:  Ed has been the ex-roommate of several of my apartment ex-roommates when I lived in downtown Austin.  He also has frequented as a regular many of the music night events I was a regular at when I lived in Austin, TX. Popular music nights held at The Atomic Nightclub and the Elysium Nightclub.  He also worked in the field of computer repair at the shop called PC Guru, and repaired my computer several times at this repair store.  Many times I was able to complete homework due to his help.  In addition I like the books by Robert A. Heinlein, and still owe him his copy of Time Enough for Love back. He has many, many, many cats.  He covered his entire ceiling in an art collage of porn magazines and rubber cement, and I was one of the people who helped him take it all down.

Style of Art: Euro-Dance/Shoegaze/Goth/Industrial/Synthpop ect.

What I did not like about it:  He jumps around from modern music, to retro 80s with no warning. Sometimes he plays things so obscure it is hard for the “average” person to dance to them easily on a dance night.

What I liked: a fast dance mix

Tempo of Mix: Fast Dance

Other Points of Interest:  He does his own mixes, plays his own drum-work into the mixes, and puts his own creative touch into each mix.

Say I give it a good review, if you swing by Austin check it out!

Edminister Engler

Elysium Haven Playlist 4 – 9 – 2015

clan of xymox – louise

sisters – logic

cyberaktif – nothing stays

silke bischoff – under your skin

sleep chamber – silver moon

wumpscut – mother

mentallo – mother of harlots

pankow – the last song

frontline – biomechanic

current 93 – all the pretty little horses

leather strip – understand my torment

front 242 – skin

deine lakaien – my decision

furnace – hey you

x marks – desolation

devotion – frozen

lights of euphoria – face of a god

hate dept. – won’t stay lit

flaming lips – halloween/you have to be joking

new order – doubts even here

peter murphy – marlene dietrich’s favorite poem

mind in a box – no hope/unforgiving world

parallel project – space and fiction

bruderschaft – falling

mr.kitty – glow

iris – cries of insanity

the horrorist – joyless pleasure

ghost and writer – beyond repair

edge of dawn – damage

*clan of xymox – imagination

i parasite – gun

x marks the pedwalk – second home

michigan – decadence

and one – unter meiner uniform

vein cat – who cares about tomorrow

sweet william – wish

corroded master – no prisoner

x marks – fall from eden

mind in a box – timelessness

dead man recovering – i need your love

maya james cole – everything

slave republic – paint my heart black

*depeche mode – heaven

dstr – let me leave

mr.kitty – better off alone

skinny puppy – ghostman

*rotersand – a strange kind of love

18 summers – the strange fruit

Edminister Engler “Last night I played a few tracks off the new X-Marks The Pedwalk, the new Neuroticfish, and the new, albums, I also played some new Mr.Kitty and if you haven’t heard these yet… do yourself a favor and make the time to give them all a listen.”

Edminister Engler

Haven April 2nd 2015 playlist

soma sema – artificial heart

gold zebra – invisible disorder

geometric vision – we have no time

empathy test – losing touch

stars crusaders – aeterna

camouflage – count on me

*crystal castles celestica

iris – sound becomes waves

wumpscut – cross of iron

placebo – meds

mode moderne – radio heartbeat

miserylab – people

karin park – new era

seabound – a grown man

mr.kitty – better off alone

neuroticfish – illusion of home

mind in a box – synchronise

corroded master – no prisoners

namnambulu – sorry

slave republic – paint my heart black

the echoing green – voices carry

*wumpscut – thorns/crown of thorns

x marks the pedwalk – shock therapy

*mr.kitty – destroy me

third realm – sick mind

bruderschaft – goodbye

neuroticfish – blunt force trauma

mind in a box – timelessness

x marks the pedwalk – far from eden

maya jane coles – everything

freakangel – book of violence

frozen plasma – duellum prologue

aesthetic perfection – big bad wolf

*backlash – regression is not an option

comaduster – hollow worlds

mr.kitty – entwine

covenant – last dance

mental discipline – precious paradise

*agonoize – i am

neuroticfish silence

dismantled – anthem

x marks the pedwalk – go down

leandra – calling

laibach – bossanova

“*a bunch of “harsh ebm” all run together, too much to list and too difficult to explain” – Edminister

skinny puppy – wavy

frontline assembly – shifting through the lens

die krupps – schmutzfabrik

chrysalide – i do not divert eyes

diorama – my justice for all

Chance of Doom Review 7-21-2015.

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Chance of Doom Review

It turns out the artist of Writhe and Shine and Chance of Doom is going doing updates to his latest online book “Chance of Doom Collected 1”.  He is posting about it in high traffic social media ways, so I figure it is a good juncture to put in my two cents about it a bit.  I like the books and have followed their Livejournal feed for years at :    We are arguably some of the last few people who post monthly to Livejournal.  I have gotten negative comments off a couple of my blogs that I used to do more art reviews of local and national artists.  I will return to the high review format, and bump my review posts up to 3 or more per month.  It is my hope that this will give me more material to publish.  My first online book was highly focused on older web-comic reviews, and this was due to my high consumption of this type of publishing.  Yet as a creative person I do not ONLY read comics to quench my creative thirst.  I am now branching out to music shows, DJ nights, other new online web-comics, and other brands of art to chronicle in review the high-highs and dizzying lows of the current state of Internet art.  Years from now these “common” things will seem more iconic with the passage of time.

New Book Out and store

Artist: Robert Tritthardt or DJ Sprockets


Personal story of how I know him:  He used to live on the same block as me when I lived in New Orleans, LA back in the 1990s.  We also frequented music nights at a few of the same clubs.  His first stories in the comic Writhe and Shine were highly based on places in New Orleans we both went out to often on the weekends.

Style of Art: Comic/Cartoon

Artist Input on Plot:  Chance of Doom “This 52 page book collects all 158 comic strips of your favorite haunted house IN FULL COLOR!

Read about Doomie’s new life with roommates Fluora, Maxine, Synth3a, and… um… what’s-her-name… and their weird experiences in their haunted house.

Features 8 pages of fan art by Aaron Alexovich, Jordan Kotzebue, Karl Christian Krumpholz, Michael Yakutis, Tedd Walley, Bill Holbrook, Abigail Larson, and cd poe.”

What I did not like it:  At first I resisted the change from the New Orleans format.  Yet the change is saved by the better quality.  A Baron Samedi plot does seem a bit Disney Frog Princess.  Yet New Orleans is New Orleans, so many stories will have to have overlap at some point.

What I liked:  The latest art he is working on is the Chance of Doom series.  His first books of Writhe and Shine were highly New Orleans based.  However, he does not live in the area any longer and now lives in Seattle, WA.  In addition his fan base has grown far beyond local groups of people in New Orleans.  A storyline with more diverse reader appeal way needed.  I can see how the story evolved, and I do like that the story grew to a larger cast of characters.  The story line of the Loa possession of a man by Baron Samedi got me back into the plot lately in the comic  “Chance of DOOM! #175 – It’s How You Wear It” from May 6, 2015.  It is pretty good, and I like the William Gibson connect in the story.  Why he managed to suck the south back into the other storyline when he managed so long to keep them apart I don’t know.  Yet I am now back into reading them, and I say it is great so check it out.

Review of the Kevorkian Death Cycle show in Richmond, VA

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Art Review:  Kevorkian Death Cycle on tour was so great it made my eyes pop out of my head!  They are now back in their sockets, I am happy to report.  They are a great band that is super friendly.

Raven’s Fly is on discount download here:

Review of the Looking up Death Cycle song Ravens Fly on Amazon for the Richmond show made the song fully be stuck in my head today.

Song from the album “I AM GOD”. Available world wide.
Top Highlights from the Facebook Chat:
  • Gribbin Kdc likes this.
  • Andrea Menzies The best part of the video is how the dead guys totally look like they are cracking up in the background. “How did my friend talk me into shooting this video!” It has to be what they are thinking.
  • Gribbin Kdc Lol! I’m sure that’s a fairly accurate assumption… we’re all really just a bunch of dorks but we have fun. Thanks for sharing this and if you ever wonder again about “what the hell we were thinking” feel free to ask away, we’re all pretty open about anything. wink emoticon
  • Andrea Menzies Okay, just playing! It is a great video I was happy to see. Also, a great music tour. One guy is really trying not to laugh in the end shot, but that was extra fun.
  • Gribbin Kdc We were laughing a lot the through the whole shoot… the guy shooting the video snapped at me once to stop making everybody laugh… I’m surprised he got any footage without somebody laughing! smile emoticon Thank you we had a great time playing the east coast. Where did you see us play?
    Andrea Menzies The Richmond show, it was soooo great!

More on Dalek Relaxation Tapes.

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When dealing with the stress of being forced to meet all new people in a scary town, I use Dalek Relaxation Tapes.

Funny Facebook comments of the week.

More on Battle of the Week.

I started school enrollment at a new college. Transfer credit and payment plans will be the battle of the week. It is almost 6 weeks after my move from Austin to Richmond. I am not fully unpacked. Getting school work transcripts out from my boxes is a real trick.

School Cost Air and Sun Pic 1

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