Back to being active.

Healthcare Public-Option

Funny Facebook Moment of the Week.

I am back to being active after my surgery.  I went in for surgery on back pain Thursday.  Nothing too bad went wrong.  The bad pain has let up a bit since I had the work done.  Now that it is over, I can laugh about it.  Yet something about being knocked out, and not in control of your life is really spooky on a primal level.

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Brandon Powell

Brandon Powell luck!

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Andrea E. Menzies Thanks.

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Andrea E. Menzies The joke of Public Option being part of the Hillary campaign.…/hillary-clinton-keeps-the-fight…

Hillary Clinton keeps the fight for a ‘public option’ alive


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Allan Coberly Good luck and quick healing!

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Andrea E. Menzies Thank you. smile emoticon

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Alice Pfonner Sending our prayers

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Andrea E. Menzies Thank you. smile emoticon

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This month marks the one year anniversary of my move to Richmond, and all sorts of melodrama is happening.


Gwarbar Review and the Facebook Moment.

Facebook Moment
Andrea E. Menzies
11 hrs ·

Gwarbar, where life really is as fun as people say it is on Facebook.

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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Gwarbar is more of vegan lunch restaurant, and not just a “bar” per sey. There is very little parking, and it is in the heart of downtown. Yet fans for vintage moshpit shows will always remember Gwar’s laugh a second comedy music well. The great sound system, and Gwar costume museum make visits worthwhile.

I had a great night at the Gwarbar DJ night. Always a fun place to go, and meet people. smile emoticon

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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies It is a LOT like Casino El Camino in Austin, TX. Lunch food by day, music after dark for people downtown.

Prince and the Partyman Batman song.

Keith as Quickening joke 1
Facebook moment of the week.  

RIP Prince, you will always be the Partyman from Tim Burton’s Batman to me.

Provided to YouTube by Kontor New Media Partyman (From “Batman”) · Movie Sounds Unlimited Look Into My Eyes – Soundtracks ℗ Countdown Media GmbH Released on:…
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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies One of the few times Danny Elfman did not do EVERYTHING with the music on a Tim Burton movie. If there is one person who could be the best movie-music king, it would be Prince.

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Wow, Bowie and Prince in ONE year. 2016 is a the galatic year of death.

Shows in the new town.

Music feelings Image 1

Funny Facebook Moment

The Leather Strip show last night was sooooo great in Richmond! If you are on the tour, see the show!

Andrea E. Menzies All of Austin is showing SXSW photos on my feed, it is nice that Richmond has SOME fun stuff to do. It makes my home sickness for Austin a little bit less harsh when I see a big crowd and live music in Richmond.  Even if the event was only half the size of the Austin show.

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David Jeffrey Marrs

David Jeffrey Marrs Really wish I could’ve made it. There’s lots of burlesque shows around here too.

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Brian S Parris

Brian S Parris What?! How did I miss that this happened? Where was the show?

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Jazzie Wonder

Jazzie Wonder My band is opening for Leather Strip in NOLA in a month.

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Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies Wish I could visit New Orleans in a month, ha ha.

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Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies The show was at Fallout, they had it on the webpage all month. I am amazed more people from the Richmond Nancy Raygun goth nights from 2005 did not show at all. They used to play Leather Strip all the time.

The Panda baby up at the Zoo.

Super_Tiny_panda_Name Edit 2

At long last I get to see the Panda baby up at the Zoo in D.C. Anne, Alexandria, and I went on a trip there Sunday.  I have always felt a bit of empathy with Panda bears.  They are a shy, solitary, pale mixed with dark creature that does not fit in with the agenda of the modern money loving industrialized world.  P.S. I had a great time seeing all the animals, and baby panda bears at peak baby-cutie-pie state.

Funny Facebook Moment of the Week.

Panda Cub Bei Bei Is Unamused by Snow

Cute panda cub Bei Bei recently got his first snow experience at the Smithsoniana’s National Zoo in Washington, DC, ahead of the big blizzard on the way.



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Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies I have collected toy pandabears since I was 7. I have 200 on my bookcase right now. I have REALLY wanted to see the baby panda Bei Bei for a photo day.

More on the late order.

People who order Avon from me, order #6 will be a few days late.  Some of my credit cards got deactivated, so the order is a bit late. Also, please update your addresses so that I can mail you a brochure faster.  Thanks!

Avon Logo Pic 1

More on Downtown.

I am REALLY single this week. So it is time to head to Richmond, and see if there are single guys out.

Bat dance pic 1

More on war vs. school.

Looking up info for Virginia voting this week. I REALLY plan to vote this year.

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Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies In the 80s my brother only had to pay 400 dollars for a full year of full time community college classes. Now it is 600 dollars per ONE CLASS to go to night school at community college. Not ALL types of people can get student loans, and student loans can default.

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies “The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Romantic Evil and the Funny Facebook Moment.

Funny Facebook Moment of the week.

Sad but true, and NOT love.

A new study suggests rom coms perpetuate dangerous myths, and make it harder to prosecute stalkers.








Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies The movie “Crazy Stupid Love” is a bad one, but “Trainwreck” has her asking NOT to be called as the guy calls anyway. NOT legal.

Austin Moore
Austin Moore Dude! I’ve always hated Chasing Amy for this reason! It’s not cute! Leave the poor girl alone!

Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Scary the expectations and social mores that movies introduce to societal expectations and standards of behavior…

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Good to know there are SOME guys that see this clearly, yipes all the way.

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies I don’t hate men, I just hate JERK men. Don’t mean to get ranty. smile emoticon

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies I don’t want people to think I am anti boy-girl dating, I am SO okay with it, but some people don’t realize girls sometimes HAVE to dump abusive guys to live.

Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Could rant myself… Media creates certain expectations of situations and of interactions between men and women (or honestly with any two people) that there is always a sexual or romantic expectation. Where is just simple friendship and sharing of experience ever presented?

Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones Not even boy and girl, abusive is simply that. Abusive.

Rob Lloyd
Rob Lloyd Ding! Dong! Deadpool delivery from pizza putz!

Krystianna Perinal
Krystianna Perinal The best thing a man can do is to be patient. Patience is very sexy. smile emoticon

More on Epic Snow in Virginia.

Funny Facebook moment of the week:

It is hard to have a social life with all the epic snow Virginia has been having this month.

Andrea E. Menzies's photo.
Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Being fully single on Valentines Day REALLY sucked this year.

Rob Lloyd
Rob Lloyd Sure there is. You can hire someone over the Internet to shovel the snow for you.

Arianna Danielle Thompson
Arianna Danielle Thompson You got that shit right lol

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