More on the dog shake.

I am not going out tonight due to the mega-rain. My dogs are super shaking with fear.

Dog Pic 1

More on the Membership, Goth club membership done.

Funny Facebook Moment of the Week:

Moving to new town achievement unlocked: get local Goth club membership. Done!

Party Clip Art Pic 1

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Andrea Menzies The clubs in Austin do not have a “membership” to get in. It was sort of a scary issue giving people so much of my ID information to join. Yet they have gay nights at the Goth dance clubs here. I understand they need to keep the anti-gay people out.

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Richard Lee Baker so you have join a goth club with a membership is it like paper work how does it work there

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Heart Ache Not just the anti-gay, but the judgmental and not open-minded. We also had some people come in there and treat the “regulars” like they were some sort of exotic zoo animals that they could just look at, laugh at, and grope.

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Andrea Menzies Yea, there are a lot of military bases nearby, and schools with Frat sports jock houses in Richmond. Not every guy thinks girls “owe” them dates for serving in the military or making good grades, and “have” to love a man in uniform. Yet there are some men around that are “that guy” unfortunately. In New Orleans they had plenty of out-of-towners but did NOT need a membership for clubs, sad that crime is WORSE here compared to a town as wild as New Orleans.

More on Textbook use.

Yes! Almost all my college books are PDF files this semester! I read and answered questions on them today!

Textbook Use Pic 1
Funny Facebook moment of the week:

More on the Tropical Storms.

As a former University student of New Orleans, I have to have a moment of silence for the anniversary of Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina was the eleventh named storm and fifth hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the…

New painted Halloween coffee cups.

New paintings edits are up on my latest Halloween images.  All are for sale as black Halloween coffee cups as of this week on DeviantArt.  Press the orange bag saying “Buy Art Print” 

Pumpkin_Black Stem Name Edit 2

Raven_Wing_Grey_stone_winter_trees Name Edit 2

Super_Tiny_panda_Name Edit 2

More on the Trip to the Gardens.

Funny Facebook Moment of the Week:
My daughter Alexandria Menzies and I got gift tickets to Bush Gardens, and we are going Sunday! Happy Day! Apollo Roller Coaster is going to get a ride!
Andrea Menzies's photo.

More on Self Esteem and the GOP Debate.

A too true cure for Self Esteem, is to watch the GOP debate.  You will feel great about yourself, yet fear for the world.

Moving to new town achievement unlocked: new gym membership.

Planet Fitness Pic 2

Moving to new town achievement unlocked: get a new gym membership.   There is an irony in that they remind you to not eat too much free food as you are trying to get fit.  However, the “as seen on TV” gimmicks do not work as well as a REAL gym.

The Blue Moon Night.

Friday will be a blue moon! Time to dust off the camera.  It will not “really” be blue, but it will be full.

Blue Moon 2015 Pic 1

And Tyler too, as a school.


The payment melodrama begins.  I’m taking a few college classes this Fall, and they make it harder every year to have a love of lifelong learning.  The local college is called Tyler, after President Tyler of the Tippecanoe and Tyler too slogan.  One of the streets near the school is even named Tippecanoe.  I had to do a report on Tippecanoe and Tyler too as a kid.  It brings back memories of kids singing in class.

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