No Order Payments



No Order Payments

I was trying to sell make-up and no one payed me the money!  Many people pay lip service to trying to help you get a weekend home based business off the ground selling crafts, freelance work, or make-up.  They say they will order half of your full catalog, and hand you a page covered in orders.  Then after you order it all with out of pocket cash very few or none will pay!  I am having one of THOSE months at this point.  It can be a money pit some days to try and make MORE money.  Next time I will get the cash up front.

Big orders big discounts.


Big orders big discounts.

Friends who order make-up with me:  I am about to make my big order for September.  With big orders come big discounts.  Get your make-up updates just in time for the Halloween eve by calling me, or on my Avon Representative page here: anything bought with the “You are shopping with Andrea” logo in the upper left corner will credit my account, and will ship right from the warehouse to your house.  I recommend the Mega Mascara (see photo) I just bought it works great with cat eye liquid liner.  Also, they have PLENTY of black nail polish.

Someday Someday


Funny Facebook moment of the week. 
Andrea E. Menzies

Re-downloaded Sisters of Mercy songs on Amazon Music to play on my phone today. Dominion!

Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies Having a phone with a good MP3 player rules.

Matt Daniel

Matt Daniel I need to own that bag.

Rob Lloyd

Rob Lloyd I’m now imagining the minions singing that. The minions in my head have eliminated the dark serious tones. Oh, sure, they’re being serious, I just can’t take this version of the song as seriously.

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. Menzies Yea I like this joke, but it makes me think of minions in the This Corrosion videos, and that is just all wrong.

The New Pokemon Go Update.


The new Pokemon Go Update.

It is official, I love Pokemon Go again, and my review is now positive for the game. Now that you can play Pokemon Go offline with BlueStacks it is a far more fun game.  Yes, it is always fun to use it on your phone if you are bored waiting in line somewhere.  Yet videogames are largely a good way to relax when you are sleepy at home.  When I am going somewhere downtown or to the gym I am BUSY, and rarely have time to log into a complicated app. All of the stops in the game are largely history markers, and so playing it at home becomes an educational game for the history of your area if you press the black arrow next to the stop name. You have more time to read these history texts if you are at home.  Another advantage of home play is people are not falling off the road as they look at their screen, and not wrecking cars to play, or wasting gas zig zagging around town to hit stops.  Which I think is the nature of the beast in turning it into an offline game; Pokemon opened a Pandora’s box of way too many lawsuits and robberies.  Kids are skipping summer school to play Pokemon Go, and school is starting up again.  Also, Pokemon Go tempts people to go outside at peak mosquito times as Zika becomes a hassle.  Thank you for applauding movement. However, there are many REASONS people play video games inside in modern day.

Funny Facebook Moment of the Week

Andrea E. Menzies shared ArcadeCrusher’s post.

August 30 at 4:54am ·

Pokemon Go+ Released Today for PC!

Niantic made a huge announcement this morning. Today they officially launched the desktop version of Pokemon Go. Be the first to use all new special features such as Trading, Teleporting and more.


It turns out this is NOT a joke, and is a real thing. I guess this is how they get the Trading they have been talking about working.

Like · Reply · August 30 at 5:14am

Andrea E. Menzies Dear BlueStacks, I SOOOOO love your app. It is fun to walk to get Pokemon if I am on a walk anyway, but it is far more fun to relax when doing it too.

Like · Reply · August 30 at 3:49pm · Edited

Plus now I know why some people are like level 35 when I am level 15, they had the beta test for this before other people!

More on The Issue.

dumped joke 1

I got dumped today.  He is the one who asked ME out, and yet feels the need to reject.  When a girl is single people often assume SHE is the one being too picky, and yet it is often the men being too judgmental to the female that is the issue.  He never talks to me, never comments on any of my Facebook posts, and posts a new photo of him hugging a girl I don’t know as his profile picture on Facebook weekly.   Next he thinks HE has the reason to get upset.  Why is all of Richmond populated with jerk men?


Fun with bikes.

Stop Old Fun Joke 1

I’m sleepy after my bike ride on my fixed bike, and it was fun.  I fixed the flat tires on the old broken bike, and took a good ride.  I need a new bike because the gears are busted on my current mountain bike.  In Europe folding bikes are all the rage.  Youtube search folding bikes Europe to see many funny videos.  One girl puts a full folding bike on one finger, the folding bikes that go on London Underground subways are so light weight. I have tried the ones with tiny tires; they are not that great you have to pump super-fast with your feet to keep them going.  They can wiz down a hill nice. Yet the full sized 26’’ ones ride just like mountain bikes, and yet fold so that you can put them in the back trunk of even a tiny Uber taxi car.  Yep, a folding mountain bike is my new dream bike this month I have to say.

Show Review Aesthetic Perfection tour.

Asthetic Show Stubb pic 1

Concert Review for Fallout Club:

The Aesthetic Perfection band tour is the best show I have seen in years! It had great energy.  If you are anywhere near the bands Aesthetic Perfection, Venal Flesh, or Little Black Rain Clouds check out their shows.  It is worth the wait in line.

Matt Herb, Tucker Graham and 4 others

I ran into many great friends, and I have not danced so much in years at the concert. Right when I don’t like going out in Richmond, they change things up and get great acts in town. Then going out is great again.  Richmond is a far smaller town than when I lived in New Orleans, Austin, Portland, or Seattle.  So I have been going into a bit of culture shock dealing with the smaller music scene.  No long line for the bathroom, how dare a concert venue have no long lines? Yet the smaller towns can often have a closer knit and friendly social world, and so it can be a good trade off.

Venal Flesh did covers from the Imperative Reaction show I saw in Seattle at El Corazon in 2006.  I had just been checking out their out Imperative Reaction’s newest stuff on music downloads, and so the coincidence was a happy one. The new stuff by both Aesthetic Perfection and Venal Flesh is now high on my download list.

The Super Gamer fans.

Funny Facebook Moment of the Week:

A thing I hate about games, is the “Super Gamer” fans who try to make other players feel bad. It’s a KIDS game guys!

Andrea E. Menzies
Andrea E. MenziesIf you love flickers on a game screen and high scores too much, it shows you will never get action on a date from a real girl EVER. In 5 years another game will be popular, and no one will know or care about your high scores. True story.
Video games, I am taking a break from you this week due to jerk gamers. They made every sexist comment in the book as soon as they noticed I was female.

Donate to Help.


Andrea Blood Donate 1

I donated blood all this month, negative blood types are getting 50 bucks a pop due to a blood shortage in Richmond. There is a dangerous lack of negative blood in Richmond. If you have a negative blood type, donate! After my latest yearly trip to Planned Parenthood showed my blood as clean in testing, I decided to be a donor again a little while ago.  The lab workers may poke you, prod you, drug test you, and ask you a million weird questions. However donating blood and plasma does save the lives of people who need it badly.

Pokemon Bike Fix.

Pokemon Bike pic 1


Funny Facebook Moment of the Week:

Pokemon made me fix my bike this week. Some stops are too big for a walk, too small for a drive in the game. Bikes have always been a big part of the game. It has the Team Rocket song stuck in my head.  In addition, it has persuaded me to play Ingress, due to the high game cross over factor.  Heck, I even downloaded Field Trip, the app that was the grandfather to both the Ingress and Pokemon Go games. Summer is a time when new hobbies are needed to keep people busy, and this is a very busy hobby indeed.  I can’t figure out how some people have level 17 Pokemon already.  Do these people never sleep?  Do they live with a Pokemon gym IN their apartment building? Do they work on top of a Pokemon portal?  Some people have all three on their side, and so the game is rather unequal in power potential.

Pokemon 2 B A Master – Team Rocket (Double Trouble)

Oh Team Rocket X3 Lyrics: (This is the boss – and I’m sick of waiting. I want Pikachu! And this time, don’t screw it up!) Prepare for trouble! Make it double…


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Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies If you are looking for all the Pokémon portals, join Ingress and log in here to see the portal map of all the portals. if you scroll your mouse over the corners of the triangles on the map a photo of local landmarks are all Pokémon game sites.


Ingress – Game Reality

The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in…


Ever notice that the Ingress game logo looks a lot like the Invader Zim logo below? The real source of XM energy may in fact be the Irken armada.

Andrea E. Menzies’s photo.

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5Brandon Powell, Robert Rouhier and 3 others

Andrea E. Menzies And Zim was popular BEFORE the Ingress game, and has much of the same fan base. I see Irken Elite triangle faces in all the link logos.

Like · Reply · July 12 at 6:26pm

Andrea E. Menzies

Andrea E. Menzies Plus one of the Ingress teams is the resistance, and Zim had the Resisty episode.


Invader Zim’s The Resisty

Choosing a name……

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