More on the Mojo Fire by my house.

Fire Google pic 1

I was driving right next to this as it was on Fire: “Two-alarm fire at Mojo’s Icehouse in Lago Vista”

They don’t say that this place is just a couple of houses away from a gas station, the gas pumps almost blew up. I thought the gas station was the thing on fire as I gazed at the 30 foot flames.  The main road was blocked off on both sides with dozens of cops and fire trucks who were scared as they fought the fire.

It took a long time to drive back roads around it. I was dressed up, and on my way to meet friends at a concert before Valhalla. Driving around the fire almost took so long I could not get downtown. Last time I tried to go out a hail storm left a foot of ice on the ground, this time exploding gas pumps almost kept me home.  Trying to have a social life has been hard for me to do this spring.

“Two-alarm fire at Mojo’s Icehouse in Lago Vista”

“The fire is now out but it was some very scary moments for those who were still inside when the fire started. It happened just after midnight at Mojo’s Icehouse near Lohman Ford Road and 1431. The restaurant had just closed. There were still some customers inside finishing up their food and drinks. Then at about 12:20 a.m. employees were cleaning up when they smelled smoke. It was coming from the second floor where there’s an apartment. Video from Travis County Fire the restaurant can been seen completely engulfed in flames. It sent smoke and fire shooting into the sky.” 4-24-2015

More on the new 20s.

It is almost the new 20s, and I hope it has bobbed hair, rolled stockings, and buckled shoes: minus the prohibition machine gun fights.  If we could skip the Grapes of Wrath caliber lack of social services, and the poverty of the 30s that would be great as well.  The way the right wing extremists are cutting taxes for the 1% it could be a new level of ugly.

Jazz Again Pic 1

More on Earth Day 2015

Always remember to wish people a Happy Earth Day.  It should really be Earth Day all year round.  Yet on April 22, we remember the Earth most clearly.  The quotes in this article mirror my feelings about Earth Day pretty well.  I particularly like the Ansel  Adams one “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” I always re-watch Cloud Atlas and Soylent Green for Earth Day.  They are movies with a dark mood, but I think every kid should watch them at age 12 in school to really understand the dangers of the world.

“Today is Earth Day, a day where attention is turned toward the environment and its preservation. Here are a few things you may not know about the annual celebration: The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 —  45 years ago today. According to the Earth Day Network, Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, came up with the idea to raise consciousness about air and water pollution.”

  • “Earth Day 2015: What is it; quotes about the Mother Nature” by Debbie M. Lord | By Debbie M. Lord April 22, 2015

More on True Friends.

True friends, it can be hard to get them into your life.

A True Friend Pic 1

More on Don’t Vote.

If you don’t vote, he gets to pick your government.  I think I have seen this guy by my house.

Him PicK Govt Pic 1

More on media bingo.

Sexist Hillary Bingo, because it is strange that people care that a leader is a woman.  Mass media in society says women are the same as men in rights. Yet the Clinton campaign online jokes show the interesting facts on how a woman getting more education, power, and an active social life compared to a national female average gets her gender insulted, more insults compared to male counterparts, and physical abuse and rape jokes become normal.

Sexist Hillary Bingo 2015 and 2016 Pic 1

More on this week I go for a check-up.

Kind to one Another Pic 1

A year ago I got Medicaid, and growths like golf balls in my intestines were removed. This week I go for a check-up.

After being told I was imagining things and only had allergies for many years, it turned out I WAS sick.  A year ago I won a lawsuit, got Medicaid, and the four growths the size of golf balls which were punching holes in my intestines were removed. It was a genetic defect my grandmother and I both had, and in my case it was more extreme. Excrement was in my blood killing me. Migraines and searing pain were very constant in my life, and emotionally it was depressing to be so inactive. Emergency government medical aide was given after I won a lawsuit in 2014 that gave me Medicaid.  I had the four growths surgically removed a year ago.  I am feeling much better after getting the emergency care.  Yet it was scary to see just how long healthcare providers were willing to dismiss all my problems as “just allergies,” “just imagination,” and “just fine”. Often I was handed a little Nyquil of Benadryl to fix it all.  The scars still give me problems, and organ infections (from the four golf ball sized growths going so long untreated) still give me difficulties. I admit to these problems because once people hear you were on full government disability they often start playing the telephone game of exaggerating stories and lies, and next thing you know in gossip you have air-born Ebola and the Black Plague. (Problems which I do NOT have.) I go in this week for a check up on the condition, and a mammogram.  Seeing doctors always refreshes the pain in my memory.

What scares me is the idea of how many other people out there might be told they are just imagining things that are real.  I may not have been a perfect person at many parts of my life, but that does not mean that I suddenly don’t have human DNA composing my body. I am a United States citizen, and my father served in the military, my mother a teacher, and I have many degrees. I am still covered by the Hippocratic Oath that is part of United States malpractice law. (Hippocratic Oath “I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required” An oath to preserve ALL human life and not just the lives of the favored or the wealthy. )  If they could do it to me, how many OTHER people might be next in line for the “ignore you” treatment?  Where is this leading in society, what slippery slope does this show in politics? Are we just going to cannibalistically eat people now like a Soylent Green movie, because humans can be declared inhuman?  From what I have seen it is not far off from reality.

More on James headed back to his house in Kansas.

My brother James Menzies left last night to head back to his house in Kansas.  So far the trip is going well.  My mother and Alexandria are still here in Austin, TX with me.  He and his wife had a big fight, but they seem to have made up.  It is hard to take sides in a fight between a husband and a wife. No matter how many horrible things the man says the lady did you dare not take a side. If you trash talk the lady he is fighting with, and later on they get back together he might hold it against YOU for having had a bad opinion.


Hail-pocalypse hits Austin, TX area in mega-storm.

No going out later tonight for me, due to the Hail-pocalypse that just hit the Austin, TX area. Texas people do NOT have roads that work in the cold. The last one is with hail next to a coin for size.

  • Hail Photo 3 2015
    Hail Photo 4 with Quarter 2015

More on the Star Wars Teaser on Youtube.

My dog was sitting next to me as I watched this, now everyone and their dog has now watched the Star Wars Teaser

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