Art cup updates.

Another holiday, and time to post my art-cups. Every few posts I like to take a break from net jokes to point out I blog to try to sell cartoon art cups online at Deviantart.   Every day is a good day when you can post vampire pun jokes. Check it out! This coffee cup I made is under Art Gifts for only $9.36 !

Here is my funny facebook moment of the week posting about it.

 Living Neck Comic 25 Black Camera and Ruby Stone
Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies What is the one room a ghost’s house doesn’t need, a living room! Why are vampires unpopular? Because they are a pain in the neck!

School Pics of Andrea.

For Flashback Friday, me graduating Leander high school.  I was job hunting this week, and the lady at the job center thounght I did NOT have a high school diploma. I got one at age 16, and in 3 not 4 years, but I DID get one.



Andrea Menzies 1992 LeanderHighgradday

More on Family next Friends.

It is the holidays time to hang out with the family, and then lots of friends.


Non conformists all joke 1

More on Holiday Irony.

Irony Thanksgiving Refugees pic 1




Andrea Menzies

Andrea Menzies Too true.

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Andrea Menzies

Andrea Menzies Wow, four (now 15) shares in one day. A new Facebook record for my profile.

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Robert Granniss

Robert Granniss Maybe not the best comparison to make considering the outcome…

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Mike Walke

Mike Walke Very true Robert. But, perhaps it’s time for us to feel the same as the natives did when their home land was ripped away from them by force.

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Andrea Menzies

Andrea Menzies Yea, now I do see the irony of the outcome…

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Andrea Menzies

Andrea Menzies Funny… and scary.

Gender Verification and the Olympics

Gender Verification and the Olympics



Here is a re-post of my July 3, 2014 online journal about gender in sports.  I am taking a Sociology class, and we are at Chapter 12 of our book Introduction to Sociology called Gender, Sex, and Sexuality.  The text deals with gender around the world.  One of the threshold markers of the changing role of women in society is their role in the Olympics. I had written about Caster Semenya who is mentioned in our book on page 258, who had no internal organs of a female, XY chromosomes, and yet was allowed to compete as a female.  Gender verification in sports is a hot issue. Males and females are not allowed to compete against each other in almost all events involving upper body strength and running. Male hormones universally in every nation and culture change an athlete’s upper body strength and running ability. Many men are faking being women, and women are doping to become men in order to change their athletic abilities to compete in international sports.

“Expert: Gender testing ‘imperfect’ for female athletes” By Ann J. Curley, CNN (Wed August 8, 2012 ) The article mentions the fact that women universally unable compete against male running standards in the following quote. “While both men and women produce testosterone in their bodies, in men it produces more muscle, adding to athletic prowess.” Middle-distance runner Caster Semenya was allowed to compete as a female runner. However, he/she had none of the internal organs of a female, no womb, and no ovaries, and was a male hermaphrodite. She got a second place in the 800-meter heats.

There is a greater issue at stake, however. Why are women driven to compete in male dominated activities like running for fame and fortune? Even with allowanced they will never do it constantly with equality to men. The United States military tests women and their running ability when they join the armed forces, this is called a PT test where push-ups, sit-ups, and a two mile run are central to testing.  I was a Corporal in the Army, and saw this PT tests first-hand.  One of the ways archeologists are able to determine if skeletons are male or female is their arm bones, their pelvic bones, and their running ability in legs. These are the precise areas males deviate from females in body structure.  The PT standards of the military are the dictionary definition of sexism,   They don’t just give women a light punishment if they are unable meet male running standards.  They fully dismiss women when they are unable to run like men, and this destroys a means of making a living wage.  Men outnumber women 9 to 1 in the military. Women are often forced to declare disability when dismissed from the military, which pays $500 per month as military men make $5000 per month with deployment pay, and the men have superior health insurance.  Women are fully a minority group singled out from the others for differential and unequal treatment for what is defined on page 249 of our text as Institutional Racism and Sexism which is racism and sexism embedded in social institutions.   Many women have been caught doping themselves into dangerous male hormone ridden states crushing their organs to gain unfair advantage in running. Many countries have been caught forcing women into male hormone doping in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to win the Olympics, and the U.S. used to stop them on the grounds that it was immoral What are the motivations which are driving this trend? Is it simply the age old adage that “The grass is always greener on the other side?” Or is society so completely destroying all dignity of old world women’s gender roles that the only way they can feel successful is to be miniature men?  It is a huge contrast in what the government publicly says its actions are, and what it does in actual public policy.

More on Batman beauty jokes.

Corsets make money off odd beauty images, but that is normal of MANY industries. Evil beauty images even hurt Batman, stop the madness people.

Batmen are Beautiful Joke 1

Second Image:  “If Tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business.”  Arguably carefully instructing children to believe in self-loathing is PART of all capitalism.  I mentioned corsets in a joking way the other day, and got many bad messages about “negative beauty stereotypes”. People have been wearing girdles and corsets for thousands of years!

Also, corsets are way less dangerous in comparison to stomach staples, lap bands, and Tijuana boob jobs that celebrity magazines think of as “normal” these days. At least a corset you can take OFF if you have a problem. Without enough anesthetic and antibiotics, complications can go REALLY wrong with plastic surgery disasters.  The Internet needs to relax a bit.

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Funny Facebook moment of the week.

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Arianna Jade Thompson

Arianna Jade Thompson You got that right lol

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Andrea Menzies

Andrea Menzies It is not just dress, but make up, smell, the works. People nit-pick it all these days.

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Andrea Menzies I mentioned corsets in a joking way the other day, and got many bad messages about “negative beauty stereotypes”. People have been wearing girdles and corsets for thousands of years!

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Andrea Menzies

Andrea Menzies Also, corsets are way less dangerous compared to stomach staples, lap bands, and Tijuana boob jobs that celebrity magazines think of as “normal” these days. At least a corset you can take OFF if you have a problem.

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More on the AIT days.

Andrea AIT Grad Day 2005

A photo of me after Basic and AIT when I was a 92A Quartermaster Corporal for 2 years in the Army.

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies I would have stayed longer, but my asthma attacks were too bad for passing PT tests.

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies Yet I did stay in for a long time, and worked very hard.

More on the vote today.

I voted clip art pic 1

I voted in the epic expensive Richmond, Virginia swing-vote today. The lines were super long. I must say that the $5 a gallon gas prices and my very unhappy military deployment under the Bush nightmare have made me a life long Democratic donkey on most issues.

More on Hit The Books.


I will NOT be answering my phone for the next day due to huge college exams on Monday. Time to hit the books.

More on Forever Friends.

Friends Forever Joke 1

In a new town, but I STILL had a good time for Halloween. Danced and met new people all night.

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